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Welcome to Sweet Eats!

Well this is my first attempt at writing a blog.  Mind you, I’ve read TONS of blogs, and of course I have seen how flashy, and fun and festive and downright interesting these blogs have been.  So the first question I guess would be, what exactly am I going to blog about?  I have MANY different interests, but if I was tied to a railroad track and forced to pick one I would have to say that my first pick would be cooking in general.  So there you have it!  This blog from here on out is going to be about cooking in general.  My triumphs, my defeats and my blonde moments. (Disclaimer: In no way, do I mean ANY disrespect to my lighter haired sisters! ~Mistress Corbie)

So anyways lets get this party started!

There are so many blogs that I can claim my inspiration from.  But I would have to say that my biggest inspiration is Stef from She is probably the most inventive cupcake woman I have ever read. (I say this because I probably will never meet her, and well yeah.)  This maven of cupcakes probably could make a cupcake out of anything you threw at her! So yes I will have to say that I have saved on her blog over fifty different recipes.

There is also that woman is awesome, and after thoroughly scouring her blog I decided to swerve my blog in that general direction.  Because honestly, “Woman cannot live by cupcake alone”, (even though I would love to!)

So I just want to thank these two innovative women for getting another blogger started on their way to blogger stardom: (*crossing fingers*)

Check back tomorrow for my latest excursion into the world of cupcakery and culinary madness!

Have a wonderfully sweet day!

~Mistress Corbie


About mistresscorbie

Just your average run-of-the-mill housewife who one day happened upon a cupcake blog and thought to herself: "Hey I can do this too!" So I started experimenting and hey some of them actually turned out pretty good! Unfortunately I don't have alot of pictures to share with you all but soon, I will. I'm also a mother of two wonderful children and I am engaged to a wonderful, WONDERFUL man. We're getting married next year in July, and so far we pretty much have everything mapped out. Now for the fun part! SAVING MONEY! Woo Hoo! (NOT!) So yes, stay tuned for more wacky zany adventures in cupcakes and other yumminess!

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